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Visualize an island draped with curtains of ocean mist, rolling hills of green grass; surely there must be an abundance of wild life accompanying this unique island.  During the early spring and into the summer the drama of the nestlings emerge on the dramatic scale tight cliffs of the Pribilof Islands.  This is a photographer’s paradise, committed with mystic colors of Arctic flowers. 

The Aleut’s of the Pribilof Island have occupied this mystic island for approximately 200 years.  The Unangan Aleuts were at one moment in time residence of the grand Aleutian Chain.    The Pribilof Islands are well known for their abundance of birds, the northern fur seal, and a picturesque view of rolling hills with a variety of tundra flowers.


  The Aleut people are one of the reasons why Alaska was purchased by the United States of America, due to the Aleut’s operating the International Fur Seal Trade.


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